Funny / Doctor Whooves and Assistant

  • Says Ditzy, "You're crazy!" The Doctor responds: "I know; isn't it brilliant!"
  • The Doctor managing to convince Ditzy to come into the forest.
    The Doctor: "We can have muffins afterwards."
    * Gilligan Cut to the forest*
    Ditzy: How did I get here?
  • Cyberpony: "The gray pegasus has a highly destructive posterior, eliminate at all costs"
  • Psychic paper works on one of Derpy's eyes, but not the other.
  • This sneak peak of Episode 6 features the two bickering like roommates. Even funnier considering the lines were mostly improvised. Highlights include their imitations of each other and the fat jokes exchanged.
    • However, considering how Part 1 of that episode ended…
  • In episode five's bloopers-
    Royal Script: I sound like Squidward, Princess.
  • The Doctor and Ditzy's voice actors talking in child-like voices.
    • The scene of them making apple pie, especially the accompanying picture.
      Derpy: Apple stampede!
      Derpy: OK! Now we just need the…Doctor! Stop eating the butter!
      Doctor (muffled) But it's so tasty!
  • In the second Q&A video, Ditzy's reactions to learning that the Doctor flies with the brakes on and the stabilizers off, and calls the TARDIS "sexy".
    Ditzy: …Wow. I have no words. No words at all.
  • The Doctor giving the Doctor Whooves Adventures Twilight Sparkle the nickname "Uptight Snootle".
    • He even makes up a theme song for her during the following Q&A.
  • Assistant-verse Doctor's scene with Adventure-verse Rarity in episode 7. And then Pinkie Pie shows up and, well, they only way to describe their interaction is "meshing." The two are even doing the same bouncy dance in the background! Adventure-verse Twilight almost blows a gasket. ^_^
  • Adventure-verse Doctor (Clockwork) reading the end credits...
    Ditzy: Um...Clockwork? Who're you talking to?
    Clockwork: I'm doing the end credits...doesn't your Doctor do that at the end of every episode?
    Ditzy: No, he usually just eats a lot of butter and passes out on the floor.
    Clockwork: ...oh.
  • Ditzy sings Clockwork an impromptu musical number about how he shouldn't be so grumpy all the time, with the lyrics meandering into how much she loves muffins. Afterward, when Clockwork tries to figure out where the music came from, Ditzy apparently has no memory of the song.
  • Ditzy and Adventures-verse Twilight doing impressions of their respective Doctors.
  • The April Fool's Day special, in which the Doctor and Ditzy have had their lives turned into a bad Scooby-Doo rip-off, with a cast that includes Ditzy's children, Dinky and Sparkler, the latter of whom is constantly hit on by Captain Jack Harness, and Sparky Sue, the Totally Radical alicorn daughter of Celestia and Discord. When Nightmare Moon unleashes her army of Nyan-Cats, the Doctor finally loses it and storms off the set.
  • The beginning of the "Isle of Flaputa" episode is Tick Tock and Derpy playing a card game...while dressed up in silly outfits. Derpy is dressed as a Paper Bag Wizard, while Tick Tock is dressed as a Tulip Paladin, including him having a flower on his head and wearing a pink cape.