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Funny: Dinosaur Revolution
  • The opening of the episode titled "The Watering Hole." In it, a mother Allosaurus is trying to get some sleep but a chirping Ornitholestes won't shut up. Eventually it wakes the babies forcing the mother to get up and silence the little bugger, by biting its head off.
  • The "antagonistic" male Cryolophosaurus being forced to flee by a swarm of mosquitoes.
  • The Gigantoraptor mating dance.
  • The Anhanguera "Looney Tunes" segment. (Not just the short preview that's been released on the Discovery Channel website; the entire segment runs like the Looney Tunes episode.)
  • All the scenes where the Rhamphorhynchus and Ornitholestes appear together. It's almost Tom and Jerry or Sylvester and Tweety in manner.
  • The male Eoraptor defeating a Probelesodon by kicking it into the mouth of a Saurosuchus.
  • The Cryolophosaurus forcing her mate to fight the antagonistic one by snapping at his neck and motioning him to go forward. Needless to say, he's quite hesitant.
  • The Allosaurus still managing to get whipped by the severed tail of the Dinehirosaurus.
    • He nonchalantly answers by blocking it under his foot.
    • Towards the end of the episode, he gets whipped by a Dinheirosaurus again, this time by a baby, and by accident.
  • The male Troodon being sat on by an Ankylosaurus.
    • For that matter, the Ankylosaurus being oblivious to everything around it in general.
  • The Guanlong trying to get a Volaticotherium that has landed on one of the pair's head off.
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