Awesome: Dinosaur Revolution

  • The "everyone beats up on the Torvosaurus" scene. We have the Miragaia finally getting to thagomize the Torvosaurus after spending most of the episode as its fodder, the handicapped juvenile sauropod actually putting up a fight, the Allosaurus pulling a Big Damn Heroes, and the adult Dinheirosaurus killing the Torvosaurus in the most epic way possible.
  • The mother mosasaur killing the sharks. They didn't stand a chance.
  • The Ischigualastia herd attacking (and seemingly killing) the Saurosuchus.
  • The bit where the Torvosaurus bursts out of hiding and snatches a young Miragaia. Finally, a quiet, realistic ambush in a dinosaur show!
  • The fact that the Allosaurus managed to survive a horrible injury in the form of a broken jaw and grew up into somewhat of a Handicapped Bad Ass.
  • For the matter, the Dinheirosaurus breaking the jaw of the Allosaurus. It looks absolutely painful. Don't mess with sauropods.
    • The Allosaurus, grown into adulthood, with a deformed jaw but still deadly, is faced by the same Dinheirosaurus who broke his jaw...but this time the Allosaurus dodges the sauropod's tail strikes, grabs the tail and BITES IT OFF, complete with the Dinheirosaurus yelling in pain while the Allosaurus feasts on its still twitching severed tail.
  • Similar to the Torvosaurus ambush, the Tyrannosaurus pair hunting the Triceratops.
    • Followed immediately by the pair fighting the antagonistic Tyrannosaurus and defeating him when they knock him onto the horns of the Triceratops carcass.
    • Also, the male Tyrannosaurus catching a Troodon trying to raid the nest. It's so quick and silent that it's just completely unexpected. Even after it happens, we don't really realize what was going on until we see the Troodon dead in his mouth.
  • The baby male Anhanguera, after having been thrown out of the nest by his dimwitted Jerkass mother, luckily evades a pair of crocodilomorphs by making them run into each other and then proceeds to astound his mother by catching a crab, bringing it back home, eating it in front of her and sprinkling its intestines on her. This newfound brevity seemingly frightens his mom, who then crudely throws him out again, but this time, he will have none of it, and stays aloft like a pro. The music helps a lot.
  • The herd of Cedarosaurus giving the Utahraptor a thorough curb stomp. Also, that crocodylomorph ends up getting its revenge for being robbed of a meal.
  • The old Protoceratops fighting the pair of Velociraptor (and winning by throwing one Velociraptor into the other).
    • Note that this is after said Velociraptor curb-stomped two other Protoceratops.
  • The talking heads pointing out how successful dinosaurs really are. Especially Dr. Scott Sampson's quote, which goes, "But that's like criticizing your great-great grandparents because they're not here anymore and you are."