Funny / Destination Moon

  • Joe Sweeney, not once does he think the rocket will be able to get off the ground. When it's in the middle of doing exactly that he gets a little nervous.
    Joe: Oh no, not me! Turn this thing around! I'm not going to the moon, that's just to look at!
    • Joe jumping on the moon, it's a shame we couldn't have seen more moon-related antics.
  • Even Woody Woodpecker is a naysayer on the subject of going to the moon, at first.
    Narrator: The moon is a great deal easier to reach than you realize.
    Woody: Oh sure it's a synch, only two-hundred and forty thousand miles. Paved highways all the way and a gas station at every intersection.
    • Woody laughs at the design of the rocket when he sees it has no propellers.
    Narrator: Rockets do not employ propellers. They use jets.
    Woody: So do gas stoves, but they don't fly to the moon.
  • Watching as the lawyer (or whoever he was) hollers pointlessly at Barnes, Cargraves, Thayer, and Sweeney to halt the launch.
    Lawyer: Barnes! Cargraves! Stop! Come back here!