Funny / Daens

  • Monsignor Stillemans is not particularly happy with his role as the factory owners' handyman, and his struggles with the recalcitrant priest provide some funny moments.
    Monsignor Stillemans: [to Daens] "A Daens libera nos, Domine". This is Latin for "Deliver us from Daens, Oh Lord".
  • Later on his aide suggests that he disposes of Daens by sending him to the Congo, but Stillemans fears the colonists would come back to Belgium and nag at him:
    Aide: "Waarom stuurt u Daens niet Congo? Er zijn daar missionarissen tekort" ("Why don't you send him to Congo? There is shortage of missionaries there")
    Monsignor Stillemans: "Dan kiest Daens voor de negers...En dan komt iedereen terug uit de Congo. Gij kent Daens" ("Then Daens will side with the blacks...And then everyone will come back from the Congo. You know Daens").
  • Priest Ponnet is very eager to kiss Bishop Stillemans' ring. Leads to Stillemans taking off the ring and giving it to Ponnet.
    Monsignor Stillemans: "Hier, ge moogt hem hebben voor een week. Dan kunt ge hem kussen zoveel als ge wilt." ("Here, you can have it for a week. Then you can kiss it as much as you want.")