Funny / Cubivore

  • The bosses of Lake Getum. They're four Herbibeasts, and look plain silly in their chrome form. Considering the player will encounter the first of them as soon as the level begins, it can serve as both a funny moment and a lesson in limbs, since until now the only creature that could have been encountered while two limbs behind would have been the Scoutmaster Beast if the player explored early before mating. So chances are the first instinct of the player will be to pounce at the boss monster galloping awkwardly and nonaggressively through the fields, only to find their attack No Sell'd and themself dazed and confused from impact while the awkwardly-legged Herbibeast continues prancing aimlessly around the field completely oblivious to the creature that tried to hurt it.
    • It then gets better for the fourth and final Herbibeast boss, the Health Inspector Beast. While the previous three bosses never attacked you, when you go to fight the presumably nonhostile Health Inspector Beast you find he's completely surrounded by a huge swarm of lookalikes, and all of them will attack you relentlessly.