YMMV / Cubivore

  • Crack Is Cheaper: Don't be surprised finding yourself paying $200 or more for a complete good copy of this game. It's very hard to get it for less.
  • Game-Breaker: Any sufficiently powerful form can become this, such as any 6-limb Rage color, but the real winner here is the Rejuvinator item. Without the Rejuvinator, the game is somewhat difficult but not unbearable. With a supply of Rejuvinators, the game gets completely snapped in half as you basically can't die.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The player Cubivore's increasing wildness and sanity slippage.
  • That One Boss: The District Attorney Beast: Controls Scenturions instead of Scentipedes, and while you were on the giving side of most Curb Stomp Battles, you'll easily be on the recieving side.
  • That One Level: The first level of the bird lap pits you against a pack of 2-limbed dark greyodons while you're still a pathetic one limb.