Funny / Crash

  • "You stupid cow, I am speaking English!"
  • Hansen's "reason" for wanting to be reassigned: Flatulent problems.
  • Waters and Ria are having sex when the phone rings. It's Waters' mother, but he doesn't want to talk to her at the moment and tells her: "Mom, I can't talk. I'm having sex with a white woman".
    • Afterwards, Ria pushes Waters out of the bed.
  • The argument between Ria and Kim Lee at the beginning. Both hurling racist insults at one another.
  • Anthony's over-the-top rants, according to which Everything Is Racist, from buses to hip-hop.
  • This exchange between Anthony and Peter.
    Anthony: You don't like hockey! You just say you do to piss me off!
    Peter: (shrugs) I love hockey.
  • Anthony and Peter try to carjack Cameron. Only Cameron's not having it, and speeds away with Anthony in the passenger seat pointing a gun at his head.
    Anthony: Get the fuck outta the car!
    Cameron: This is my fuckin' car!
    Anthony: (waves gun at him) It's my fuckin' gun!
    Cameron: (yanks the gun out of Anthony's hand) My gun now!
    Anthony: Hey man, gimme my fuckin' gun!