Funny / Crank

  • Many of the sex scenes of the movie. But special mention goes to the big Chase Scene before the Showdown in Crank 1. Eve fellates Chev to keep him awake and just as when he is about to get release from it. She stops and makes a remark about their sex life.
    Chev: Almost there.
    Eve: So you could fall asleep like before. I don't think so.
    Chev: JESUS FUCK!!!
  • In the second episode, after the scene at the race track, Eve is walking down the street pissed off. Amy Smart's delivery of "That's the last time that son of a bitch leaves me with my ass in the wind in front of 10,000 people!" is funny enough. However, after that line lands, and you realize that line was not a metaphor or hyperbole in any way, Chev has literally left her with her ass in the wind in front of large crowds twice now, you proceed to bust a gut.
  • "Your friend, has the gay condition."
  • The shotgun scene in the second film.
  • From the second film, the old lady being interviewed on the news and explains what Chev did to her at the racetrack. During the interview, a goofy guy in the background smiles, waves, flaunts Eve's panties, and gives a thumb's-up.
    • Then he dies.
  • "Many Triads would give the hearts from their own breasts to save Poon Dong. Not me though, fuck that, but many."
  • "You killed my brother mother fucker, prepare to die."
  • The entire epinephrine scene, which begins with Chelios running down the street screaming, wearing only a hospital gown, while British speed metal plays in the background.