Funny: Counter-Strike

  • Whenever a player commits suicide by falling.
  • When a hostage gets killed in the crossfire by bots.
    • No longer possible in Global Offensive.
  • Watching a player die by knife after missing with an entire weapon magazine due to panic. Hilarious if they pull out their pistol and miss that as well.
  • Riot Shield. cs_assault. Air duct.
    • Decidedly less funny if someone throws an HE grenade into the vent.
  • The legendary DOOR STUCK.
  • In Global Offensive, the Terrorists on cs_office. They basically amount to scene kids rebelling against The Man. Their lines are also hilarious. They realise how fucked up the situation now is and how screwed they are. They try to put a brave face on it.
  • These DomenikTV's fail compilations exhibits typical mistakes that can happen in Counter-Strike... Except that it's PROS making the mistakes. Failed HE nade, match-ending death by falling, AWP teamkill... oh so many...
  • Jumping off the building in Rise Hard in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes hands out this message:
    Mission Failed. Operative tried to fly.
  • Hostage Strike.
  • Please defuse the bomb, sir. Defusing bomb. Sir? The bomb? Where's the bomb? Where's the bomb? Where's the bomb? Where's the bomb? Where's the bomb?
  • One of the signs in Global Offensive version of cs_office says this:
    You should probably focus on the enemy instead of reading signs
  • Some of the voice clips in CS: GO are hysterical. Just a few examples:
    GIGN: (killing an enemy team of pirates ) Yo-Ho-Ho! The pirates are dead!
    SWAT: At the foyer...Is that foy-ER or foy-EY?
    SEAL Team: (friendly fire) What the foxtrot's wrong with you?
    IDF (rarely when equipping an expensive weapon) Oooooh, MAMA!
    Leet Crew: (friendly fire) I fear your bullets more than I fear our enemies'!
  • Anomaly's notoriously over the top CSGO unboxing videos Here's a taste of the hilarity, be sure to lower your volume before hand.
  • Whenever someone scores a double-kill with their sniper rifle, killing one enemy and one teammate
  • The Legend of the Black Blues Player. Made of Win. Despite losing 16-3.