Funny / Carl Hiaasen

  • Pedro Luz's realization of his impending rape at the fins of Dickie the dolphin in Native Tongue.
    • A man being shot when one of the primates in the park's monkey house starts playing with his dropped gun isn't too far behind.
  • In Double Whammy, Skink, who's at a healing and is about to get 'cured' by Reverend Webb, gets caught up in the ceremony in spite of himself and yells out to the crowd, "See me, feel me!" Later, when it's time to wreck it, and the Reverend asks him what the sign in front of him reads, Skink replies, "Squeeze my lemon, baby!"
    • Earlier, Al Garcia argues with Billy, a junior officer, against entering Decker's mobile home without probable cause.
    Billy: Suppose the jalousies on the back door suddenly fell out? Suppose we could crawl right in?
  • As the main page indicates, the protagonist of Basket Case does indeed fight off an attacker using the only thing he could find at the time. The frozen remains of a dead pet lizard that he'd put in his freezer.
  • Stormy Weather: A man is attacked and killed, with no warning, by an African lion, it Makes Sense In Context.
  • The character of "Chemo", an ex-con and hired hitman. He lost a hand during a botched murder attempt, and had it replaced with an electric weed-trimmer instead of a normal prosthesis.
  • Earl O'Toole's irresistible compulsion to steal roadside memorial markers in Skinny Dip.
  • Andrew Yancey (the hero of Bad Monkey) claims his parents conceived him while listening to "Maxwell's Silver Hammer".