Funny / C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America

  • If you look at the Freeze-Frame Bonus of the CSA Today paper at the beginning of the Family Values section, there's one hilarious bit of irony: a blurb quoting a Canadian prime minister (likely Brian Mulroney) saying "Mr. Reagan, tear down this wall!"
  • A lot of the funnier moments, in fact, are the subtler ones. The commercial that begins the film, for instance, doesn't look all that different from any of about a thousand smarmy Real Life insurance ads you may have seen until it gets right to the end, panning over the idyllic white family as it proudly proclaims "...protecting a people..." and then over to a smiling black kid busy trimming the hedge "...and its property." Wait, what?
  • This News Break clip which warns that "house servants" are using ConEx to "overnight themselves to freedom" by placing entire families in large boxes:
    ConEx Loss Prevention Director: Another big tip, check for air holes.