Funny / Cursed

  • Let's just say the werewolf flips the bird.
    • Not just that, but also how Ellie motivates the werewolf to come out of hiding.
    Ellie: Her name's Joanie, she's this hyper-skinny publicist.
    Policeman: Any other description?
    Ellie: She's got a bony ass. And fat thighs. And bad skin.
    Werewolf!Joanie bursts out, growls "LIAR!", and gets gunned down.
  • Snarky Jesse Eisenberg.
  • Ellie is trying to calm Becky down after the car crash, assuring her the car won't explode. Jimmy, not understanding the situation says "actually it could". Becky does not take this well.
  • Ellie and Joanie are at a party full of women dressed in tacky sexy animal costumes.
    Ellie: What is this? Come as your favourite endangered species?
  • The Jerk Jock Bo revealing that he's actually gay and fancies Jimmy. The latter tries to reject him while also being supportive.
    Jimmy: I mean, that's good for you. Yay, go gay.
  • Zipper ends up infected too and attacks Jimmy in the kitchen. He flees outside into Bo's car.
    Bo: What was that?
    Jimmy: Just my dog.
    Bo: What kind of dog do you have!?