Funny / Bully Beatdown

  • " are lovely. I would gladly take on Godzilla, Mothra, and a pack of ninjas for you."
  • One bully was not only really all for fighting whichever pro came in, he wanted to fight Jason Miller. With that in mind Mayhem introduced his bullying victims; Stephen and Taylor, to the greatest fighter on the the planet.
    Jason: Alright, with all this poison talk it seems like your bully is really special. So I brought a really special fighter to take care of your bully. *walks behind boxing bag, then steps out the other side* It's me.
    Stephan: No *&^%...
    Taylor: Yeeeeaaaahhhh.
    Jason: Evil Laugh
    • It goes uphill from there. Jason gives the comparison rundown as follows.
    Tonight's match up is all about me. Here's some fun facts: I have been fighting longer than Andy. I am smarter, tougher, funnier and gosh darn it people like me. And I have been waiting three seasons to get in the cage with one of these douchebags. Advantage: meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • After Wes was knocked out by an illegal move (he was kicked in the head), Mayhem then decides to replay the scene. Again, and again, then in black and white, slow motion...then shows an image of a bunny rabbit, and the head kick a few more times.
  • Mayhem in general. From his comments to his laugh at the mere idea of putting bullies in their place clearly show that he really enjoys making the show. And it becomes contagious.