Funny / Blossom

  • In Student Films, Tony's is simply him saying hi to a girl and padded by lengthy lists of credits-all himself.
    Six: Didn't you guys get the same film budget that we did?
    Tony: Yeah, but I blew it all on dope.
  • In The Thrill is Gone, Blossom is preparing a letter for her mom living in Paris. At one point, she gets to an update on what happened with Six (rapidly explaining a run-in with some popular girls). Notice Blossom is simply staring into space until the end, when Blossom falls flat on her face when Six asks "What do you think she meant when she said you don't know Rocco?"
  • The very first episode where Blossom has a dream sequence and reunites with her mother.
    • Instead of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, it turns into a CMOF when Blossom wishes mom could help her through puberty, and mom explains the female reproductive system using icing on a cake she made for Blossom.
    • It's also funny because Blossom dreams up her ideal mother: Phylicia Rashad playing her character Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show.
  • In Ruby, Grandpa Buzz is telling Blossom how he met her grandmother (in flashbacks, also played by Mayim Bialik); who was a member of the Women's Army Corps in WorldWarII. In one scene, a German spy (Michael Stoyonav in a dual role) posing as a bartender attempts to get an American scientist (dual role for Joey Lawrence) to give away the atomic bomb secrets. This sets up the following incident:
    Joey Fermi: Arrest this man, he's a spy [Beat] A Japanese spy.
  • One episode deals with a boy lying about sleeping with Blossom to look cool in front of his friends. After Blossom chews him out, he says he'll confess to the whole school. We should also mention that his job is to read the morning announcements. Yes this goes exactly as you're expecting.
    Boy: [After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom] And I never had sex with Blossom Russo.
    Entire Class: And I never had sex with Blossom Russo.
    [Beat before Blossom and Six cop on and gape at each other. Roll credits.]