Funny / Black Swan

  • (A waiter is using corny pick-up lines on Lily while serving her food)
    Waiter Scott: You got enough cheese?
    Lily: No, but you do.
  • Lily's reaction when she finds out about Nina's wet dream:
    Lily: Oh my God, you did, you fantasized about me! *gasp* Was I good?!
  • When Nina stabs Lily with a piece of broken mirror, her first idea afterward is to unceremoniously drag the body into the bathroom with the mirror still under it.
  • Nina, high on Ecstasy and drunk, faces an interrogation by her Stage Mom after a night on the town:
    Erica: You've been drinking.
    Erica: What else? What else have you been doing?
    Nina: *feigns surprise* Oh, you wanna know their names ?
  • When Beth was questioning Nina on how she got the part.
    Beth: Did you suck his COCK?
    • Nina's subsequent putdown and Beth's gobsmacked facial expression equally deserving of mention:
  • After seeing Rothbart as a nightmarish figure in Nina's hallucinations for the whole film, it's quite a shocking laugh when the actor playing him in the show passes by Nina in full costume and gives a casual "Hey."
  • Seeing Nina's "homework" come to a jarring halt when she realises her sleeping mother is right there can be pretty funny.
  • Thomas' reaction when Nina bites him. Just the way he says "That fuckin' hurt."
    • Also, his reaction when the lights randomly going off when he's in mid-rant.
  • Nina's attempts to flirt at the bar consist of . . . offering to comp tickets to her performance. You can't HELP but laugh.