Heartwarming / Black Swan

  • In a film where our protagonist is absolutely tortured psychologically through most of the story, her absolute joy when she finds out she got the part of the Swan Queen is a breath of heartwarming air.
    Nina: "He picked me, mommy."
  • Tomas' genuine admiration of Nina after her performance is complete—and his genuine concern when he sees that she's injured.
  • Despite being film powered by horrific implications left and right, Lily's Cool Big Sis moments are lovely and just what the increasingly fragile Nina needs. Outside of Nina's imagination shes a wonderfully sweet person and her praise of Nina's final performance at the end is definitely refreshing after something so terrifying (but very, very badass). It's also nice to finally see her true character by the end; she's ultimately just a friendly girl who wants to see Nina do well and her death scene is all a hallucination.
    • It's also worth noting that rather than discomfort, awkwardness, or disgust, her reaction to finding out Nina had an Erotic Dream about her is seeming incredibly flattered. It's also a Crowning Moment of Funny, but it's sweet that Lily doesn't mind that Nina may or may not have a thing for her, and apparently doesn't let it affect her efforts to be Nina's friend.
  • Play ABBA's "Nina, Pretty Ballerina" over some scenes and it becomes... saner. The lyrics, not to mention the title, are rather wholly appropriate.
  • Erica's face during Nina's final performance. She looks so proud...
  • The Word of God that Nina does not die at the end, and that her bleeding is merely symbolic of her becoming a woman.
  • A meta case, but apparently, the director tried to make the Lily/Nina rivalry seem more authentic by pitting Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman against each other... except this utterly backfired, because instead of getting angry or competitive, the women would simply congratulate each other.