Funny / Behind the Waterfall

  • When Mr. Connors explains the dangers of Pixie's and being pixie-led, and why the group should put their coats on backwards.
    Alex: So, how does it help to put our coats on backwards?
    Mr. Connors: (laughing) Well, don't you see? It confuses them!
    Tommy & Alex: (both stair at him confused)
    Mr. Connors: They can't tell whether we're coming or going!
  • Watching Connors, Tommy and Alex first start dancing in the "Fairy Ring" is funny in and of it's self. But when Becky see's and tells her friend, that's hilarious.
  • One of the funniest moments happens as Tommy and Alex "ambush" and "capture" Mr. Connors, thinking he's a Leprechaun.
    Alex: Halt!
    Tommy: You're captured!
    Mr. Connors: What's this? Miniature bandits?
    • The scene gets even better.
    Mr. Connors: Well, I'm sure I couldn't get away from you even if I were a leprechaun.
    Alex: I told you he isn't one!
    Mr. Connors: Ahh! I didn't say that!
    Tommy: So you are one?
    Mr. Connors: ...And I didn't say that!
  • Anytime Mr. Connors friend Patty gets in a huff about something.
    Mr. Connors: (listening to the wind) What? W-what do you mean, you don't like the way I'm doing it? ...I'm a storyteller, not a preacher!... No, you can't put angels with leprechauns and fairies! It would ruin the story! Besides, you could play one of the fairies!... (wind begins to blow stronger) Well, ye got the wings for it!... Ah, ah Patty, where's your sense of humor? Jeepers...