Funny / Beetleborgs

  • In the second episode, while Noxic and Typhus gorge on junk food, Jara tries to join in, but can't because the mouth on her costume doesn't open.
    The rest of me is in 3D, why isn't my mouth?!
  • The episode where they find a treasure map. The kids and the monsters fight over it.
    • In the same episode, the Magnivores order something, but the delivery guy takes it back because they have no money. Refusing to stoop to getting jobs, they decide to steal money. They rip a guy's pants off, and he runs away in his underwear.
  • Flabber. The guy is practically a walking crowning moment of funny!
  • When a headless horsemen attacks the manor, Flabber distracts him by yelling "Look, it's Marie Antoinette!" He then turns to the camera to say "Don't worry, you'll get that one in a few years."
  • The bit where the ghost of Old Man Hillhurst shows up, and one of them is like "something must have disturbed his sleep." Cut to the Magnavores doing a jazz rehearsal in the cemetery.