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Funny: Banzai Pecan
  • Banzai Pecan's Stylish Finishers haves her finishing off enemies in humiliating yet funny ways; she can send her foes soaring sky-high and beyond, poke their head and watch them literally explode, and deliver a shift blow to a Hunny Bunny's groin.
  • The scene where Pecan tries to invoke her Banzaider powers while giving a bunch of shout outs to other beat 'em ups, sentai, and magical girl series.
  • This exchange when Lady Strawberry breaks in the Taco Hut to steal Cinnamon Basil:
    Pepper Rika: "We just fixed that, bitch!"
    ???? (Lady Strawberry): "So sue me."
    Pepper Rika: "..." (leaves the room)
    (A short while after Lady Strawberry challenges Pecan to rescue Cinnamon)
    Pepper Rika: (returning into the scene) " I just made a few calls. Yeah, I'll be seeing you in court in two weeks."
    Lady Strawberry: "... damn it, fine."
  • Pecan's encounter with Lady Spearmint:
    Pecan: "What are you, a bouncer?"
    (Lady Spearmint dance arounds her spear)
    Pecan: "Okay, a stripper..."

  • It just dawned on me that Bitter Almond is a "Third Person Shooter". That's too damn clever.

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