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Funny: The Bard's Tale
  • The 2004 The Bard's Tale has quite a few of these, many of which come when you choose the snarky option during dialogues.
    • You can also get some fun reading on the descriptions for your summons and bonus artifacts. For example, when describing the rat.
    Narrator: A common rat. I was of course referring to the animal and not the bard.
    Narrator: All hail the Bard, Rat Killer and Rodent Bane, who has bravely made the cellars once again safe for buxom barmaids and wanton widows! ...Or has he?
    A giant rat sneaks up from behind and breathes fire, engulfing the Bard and forcing him to retreat
    Narrator: All hail the Bard, Rat Killer and Rodent Bane, who has bravely ma-
    Bard: [snappily] How 'bout you tell the story and leave the sarcastic patronising to me?
    • The little exchange betwen them when you kill your first encounter with a standard wolf is a gem, too:
    Narrator: The Bard having slain the random wolf found that it had digested not only the contents of a small treasury but also various household goods... Wait, am I reading that correctly? That can't be right.
    Bard: You'd be surprised. I find all kinds of things inside these beasties. Did I ever tell you about the time I killed this rat and out popped an entire chest...
    Narrator: Well, I'm just going to skip those passages in the future.
    Bard: What? That's a major source of income! You cheap, good for nothing horse's...
    Narrator: Ahem. And so the Bard continued on his journey.
  • "You got served!"
  • Cow tipping. It serves no purpose other then poops and giggles.
  • Every time the characters start singing. Especially the three small Trows who pop out of nowhere every time the Bard finds the remains of a Chosen One for singing about his horrible fate.
  • And this:
    Dugan: Oh you'll encounter some undead warriors.
    Bard: How many?
    Dugan: Oh, a few. A score. Now then you'll-
    Bard: Wait! Which is it? A few or a score? There's a big difference.
    Dugan:A few score. Now as I was saying.
    • "Score" is an archaic way of saying "twenty." Basically; "prepare for a Zerg Rush".
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