Funny / Ball of Fire

  • The professors critique Bertram's attitude to find out new slang when his back is turned. One that specialises in astronomy claims that he wouldn't have the same attitude towards researching Saturn, and another that specialises in sex wouldn't have that attitude either.
  • Bertram trying to kick Sugarpuss out of their home:
    Bertram: Make no mistake, I shall regret the absence of your keen mind; unfortunately, it is inseparable from an extremely disturbing body.
  • Professor Oddly being distracted by flowers growing on branches when the professors walk around the neighbourhood.
  • Sugarpuss' snide comments when she's listening to the priest recite her and Lilac's speeches at the altar.
    Priest: [to Lilac] ..."For better, or worse..."
    Sugarpuss: [under her breath] Worse.
  • Lilac's mooks get trigger-happy around the professors' mansion. The garbage disposal worker's only comment is that there'll be a lot of garbage he'll have to collect in the morning.