YMMV / Ball of Fire

  • Iconic Scene: Most fans of the movie seem to remember two scenes...
    • Sugarpuss teaching the professors how to do the conga.
    • Sugarpuss showing Bertram what a "yum-yum" is.
  • Love at First Sight: Debatable when it comes to Bertram's attraction to Sugarpuss. You could say it was when he first saw her on stage in the nightclub, or when he met her personally outside her dressing room.
    • However, he mentioned that he first experienced arousal towards her when he saw her stand in sunlight, making him dab himself with a cool flannel, so that moment was more likely.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Sugarpuss, after Bertram is threatened by Joe Lilac, and then breaks up with her.
  • Playing Against Type: Wait, what? The strong, hunky, ruggedly-handsome anti-hero Gary Cooper is a shy, socially-awkward professor of English language in this movie? There's a reason why this film is popular with many Cooper fangirls.