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Funny: Bag Enders
  • Arguably the entire series, though Elladan and Elrohir are hilarious.
  • The Fellowship goes house hunting. Chaos ensues.
  • The Planning with Props recreation of Pelennor Fields;
    "An, an, if this beer boll is me, being all kingy," Aragorn attempted to crown the bottle with an upturned bottle cap but failed. Aragorn looked round for more props "An if this toaster is the army of orcs."
    "Dead people. Were dead people." Legolas managed to make a vaguely pertinent comment.
    Boromir looked confused. "Dead people lying on groun' or dead people stanin' up and fightin'?"
    "Fighty dead people." Said Aragorn "This, this packet o' Doritos, is dead people."
    "Can I have some Doritos?" asked Boromir.
    "No! Are fighty dead people, can't eat them."
  • Gandalf. Just Gandalf.
    Gandalf (in drag and trying to retain his staff): Do not meddle in the ways of Anne Robinson!
  • Gandalf getting blitzed on Vadko and pulling a 'You Shall Not Pass' on a doubledecker.

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