Funny / Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

  • When Marc has McVellion rise from the depths for the first time, it's worth a lot of laughs. First, he has Totori go out to the middle of nowhere to beat up a giant robot. Then he "convinces" her to help him drag its main component back to town for over a week. Soon after, the guy leaves a note telling her to meet him in the middle of town. She is incredibly worried for completely justified reasons. Still, she does as told, and gets to witness Marc calling an enormous robot out of Arland's main river. Cordelia is displeased.
  • Sterk and Totori go fishing for what they think is a legendary fish. They end up with a giant octopus on board that has no qualms with touching them all over. The still image applies just what you'd expect to both parties. Hey, this octopus believes in gender equality when it touches everything.
  • Accessing the tower containing a sealed demon requires a human sacrifice, so Rorona immediately proposes Pamela. Totori is shocked and horrified by how casually the two of them discuss the idea, since no one explained what's up with Pamela.
  • When Totori comments Hagel had the same voice as Gerhard, Hagel specifically came to Alanya to compare voice with Gerhard.
  • After Hagel and Marc get into an arguement, when Totori later finds them they're both drunk out of their mind and the best of friends. Hagel admits he's jealous and he would like to keep him at his forge forever. And then they start squabbling again. And then make up. Iksel just pretends not to know them for that day.
  • Tiffani doesn't handle booze well, to the point where she she pretty much gropes Totori and Filly until they pass out. And she doesn't remember a thing the next day. It's also a Continuity Nod because the same thing happened to Rorona in Atelier Rorona.
  • Gino's Limit Break has him attempt to unleash an barrage of slashes against the enemy... but each hit deals pathetic damage, to the point where all the hits combined add up to less than half of what a normal attack would do. He then rushes in for the final blow... but trips and lets go of his sword, which conveniently lands right on top of the target. This accidental attack is the most damaging single hit in the entire game, easily inflicting over 1000 points of damage (there are more powerful attacks, but they deal their damage over multiple weaker hits).