Funny / Angel Densetsu

  • "I'm going to hit you now." "Huh?" -Curb-Stomp Battle-. Twice. Poor, poor Kuroda...
  • Meow.
  • Ikuno holding Leo's wounded hand tenderly up close to her lips, seemingly about to give some soothing puffs, and then - ptu ptu ptu!
  • Three dumbasses have Ryoko cornered. Then...
  • From Chapter 50:
    • Ogisu finds out Kitano will go with him, fulfilling Heizo's condition.
    Ogisu: Thanks, No. 2! You know, for a messenger from Hell, you're not such a bad guy!
    • This exchange:
    Kitano: I bet he'll find out how clumsy I am at it and kick me out right away, though. (laughs)
    Ikuno and Ryoko: ...
  • After Sensei Kishida, the "Guidance Counselor" note  earns the "ire" of Kitano, he asks the other staff about what Kitano-san actually is. After the principal explains to him that Kitano is a "Nuclear Bomb," bringing nothing but despair and destruction when he explodes, crushed Kuroda and his lackeys on day one, and has gotten away with it all due to never leaving tracks, Kishida-sensei is left with this golden piece of advice:
    Principal: But anyways, when he gets you too try to make it so we can pin it on him. (walks away laughing)
  • Pretty much all of chapter 82, where the whole gang ends up stalking Kitano and Ryoko while stopping anyone who would disturb their "special time together".
    • And then this piece happens:
    Kaburagi: (to the Halford twins) You children come with me. They're going to make out now. You shouldn't bother them.
    Sana: Okay!
  • "Recompense will be paid." The line would have deserved a place in the Moment of Awesome pages if it weren't for the hilariously unintentional implications.
  • Vol 3, Ch 14: While the gang are out "cleaning up" the park, Kitano notes that there are tree roots at ankle height scattered around the park. Cue the arrival of delinquents. Cue delinquents seeing Kitano's face and running away. Cue delinquents tripping over said tree roots and knocking themselves out. Wash, rinse, repeat. By the end, Kitano ends up with a higher body count than Team Kuroda and Takehisa combined.
  • There was also that one time that Kuroda convinced that himself the KGB was trying to kill him.
    Kitano: I... I don't think the KGB would throw rocks.