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Awesome: Angel Densetsu
  • Combined with The Power of Friendship, when his former enemies-turned-allies band together as Kitano's Hekikuu Army.
    • During which Kuroda, Kuroda, Mr. Worf Effect incarnate, actually manages to be useful.
  • Sudo's downfall rates 11 on the 1-5 scale of awesome.
  • This particular troper found Takehisa beating up the other punks after declaring that Kitano is one of his best friends ever, and so he doesn't care if Kitano is a delinquent or not, in the 81st chapter, pretty awesome.
  • Ikuno striking Kitano into the corner so the teacher's don't find out he's come to school after being suspended.
  • Mr. Kitano accidentally uses Shirataki and Heizo like puppets and makes them take each other out, without needing to throw a single punch.
    • In his youth, it's revealed he didn't so much win fights as he just stood there until the wooden swords broke and the opponent's fists were too bruised to keep it up, and just walks on like nothing happened.
  • Heizo kicks a tree barefoot. The tree loses.
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