Funny / All of Me

  • Tyrone: I will be forced to proclaim to the world that you... are a HONKY MOOK!
    Roger: Tyrone, you really shouldn't call someone a honky mook.
    Tyrone: And why not?
    Roger: Well, for one thing, you're white.
    Tyrone: I am?
    Roger: Yeah.
    Tyrone: (plays a depressing snippet of "Aulde Lang Syne" on his saxophone) Oh my God, I am!
  • Edwina: How dare you say "penis" to a dead person!
  • Edwina is shocked at Roger having sex with Terry, and starts scolding her - which Terry is delighted by, and then Edwina starts spanking her.
    Terry: Now call me a sex poodle, Mr. Cobb. Call me a cheap slut sex poodle!
    • Later, Edwina is aghast she nearly gave all of her money to a "cheap slut sex poodle."
  • In order to get Edwina and Roger both aroused enough to have sex with Terry, Edwina starts conjuring images of the cast of Gone with the Wind having an orgy.