Funny: All Quiet on the Western Front

  • Tjaden, while telling off Himmelstoss, quotes "the most famous quote from Götz von Berlichingen while at the same time he "ventilates his backside"
  • Paul running through an artillery barrage, trying desperately to save his freshly cooked pancakes en route to the bunker.
  • Quite a lot of the time that they spend at the supply dump is humorous. It provides a sharp Mood Whiplash to what came before and what comes immediately after.
  • The joke told about the military doctor who assigns front-line duty to soldiers with wooden legs, and the soldier's retort that maybe he'll get shot in the head and get a wooden head so that they will reassign him to be a military doctor.
  • Paul and his friend, having been separated from the others during a bombardment, are both wounded by shell fragments. Having been picked up by a passing ambulance, they start to relax until they realize that in the chaos, they lost the bags of goodies (good cigars/cigarettes, meat, and snacks) they had lifted from a supply depot that morning. Something about the misplaced prioritization just makes the moment hilarious.
  • The two sexcapades (Baumer, Kropp and Leer Kat duping Tjaden so they can all get a woman and the others playing a very noisy poker game whilst a wounded man shags his wife right there) are intended to show the way in which they had to take every moment of R and R they got, and add to the tragedy. They are also bloody hilarious.
    • Then Tjaden comes across the river anyway, and, presumably, has three girls all to himself.
  • The soldiers killing the rats in the 1979 version.
  • Paul and his comrades catching the ducks in the 1979 version.