Funny / Alan Moore

  • His Thought For The Day about Glycon and the adaptability of gods' messages.
  • He once wrote a comic about the Kool-Aid Man. No, seriously.
  • His reply to Zack Snyder regarding Watchmen After Snyder commented that the most he could hope for at least was that "He'd accidentally catching a couple seconds of it while changing channels in London".
    Moore: Well I don't know who's got my DVD player in ''London''- note 
    Moore: -but I'm never watching the fucking thing!
  • It might not be in the best of taste, but his Take That! to Grant Morrison, superhero fans and the comic book industry, a 15,000 word piece he wrote during Christmas 2013 is hilarious to read for the command of language to barely restrain the venom and vitriol unleashed at his targets.
  • Alan Moore: Writer/Wizard/Mall Santa/Rasputin Impersonator