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Funny: Achewood
  • Lyle pukes on a football. Hard enough to make it go three feet.
    Lyle: I spiraled it, by the way. That doesn't just happen by not caring.
  • "You would cut off your own face if people thought you lost a fight to me." Envelopé would also put his kids into the Witness Protection Program for them to escape the shame. As the alt-text says, "Ray Smuckles is definitely known locally as a dude you don't want to have lost a fight to."
  • On the army they've amassed in the GOF:
    Ray: Beef, why do I get the feeling that our army's made of ex-kids who were always picked last for kickball?
    Roast Beef: Can you think of anyone who has a more gigantic and deep-seated fury at the world"
  • The way Todd enters the North Korean Magical Realism Text Adventure world... by pissing up a rope, after being told to do so by an irate Tacodore.
  • Come on.
  • Pat's gayness: exposed!
  • Most of the comments can qualify as a crowning moment of funny. It's like a little, self-contained world of hilarity.
    • Sadly, with the death of Assetbar in 2012, they may truly be Lost Forever.
  • Spy Ware, the first appearance of Ray's fetish.
  • Ray spending his time at the library... in the true Ray Smuckles Way.
  • Teodor finds the guy who made Comic Sans. Asskicking ensues.
  • Philippe's 5th Birthday Party, in which Todd does a lot of coke (or does he?)
  • Ray Gets Sort of Stoned and its companion, Ray is high under the table.
  • "Magic Underpants Finale", for starting the whole "x... is... rad!" meme.
  • Roast Beef tries to kill a chicken humanely.
  • The Subway Wars. Several characters start up Subways joints in the area, and things come to a head when Pat resorts to dirty tactics to get Lyle shut down. Vlad looks at Pats website (yes, Pat actually build a website for his Subway, complete with message board). Vlad, appalled by both the tacky web-design (including embedded MIDIs) and Pat's general arrogance, gets into a Flame War with Pat. Pat finally figures out how to ban Vlad, but the robot has the last laugh; he crack the site and turns it into a haven for white supremacists.
  • On the topic of funny arcs, how about the brief storyline where Little Nephew tries to establish a world record by (very) slowly driving a 1973 Honda Civic into a lake, with the Running Gag of Ray conspicuously missing the round-the-clock news coverage?
  • Ray's short-lived venture into porn production. Teodore's comments on each scene are hysterical.
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