Funny / A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

  • Jorgen's attempts to hit Timmy with Cupid's arrows.
  • Timmy wishing for Chompy the Goat to eat Magnate's pants.
  • Crocker's mother interrupting his phone call to Magnate.
  • "Timmy Turner! This is the last birthday party you and your fairies will ever have together! By the way, happy birthday."
  • Cosmo's Suspiciously Specific Denial when he and Wanda disguise themselves as waiters:
    Cosmo: Good evening, everyone. We're your perfectly normal not-magic-fairy human waiters with unbelievably super-hairy legs and underarms!
  • Poof convincing Cosmo and Wanda to save Tootie with (in Wanda's words) an "intense stare of guilt".