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Funny: A Bridge Too Far
  • When, during a truce, the Germans ask Colonel Frost if he'd be willing to discuss terms for surrender. (The Germans have them completely surrounded at this point.) Frost's adjutant refuses by telling them that he doesn't have any facilities to accept their surrender. (This particular scene is fiction, it didn't happen in Real Life.)
  • Also the scene in Field Marshal Model's HQ.
    Adjutant: British paratroopers have landed three kilometers from here!
    Model: Why should they do that? There's nothing important here... Me! I'm important! They must all be coming just to capture me! Call my chauffeur and car!
    Adjutant: Yes, sir!
    Model: Evacuate my headquarters!
    Adjutant: Yes, sir!
    Model: And don't forget my cigars!
    • In real life, Model did confuse the landing forces for commandos out to capture him.

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