YMMV / A Bridge Too Far

  • Narm: If you speak any Polish, Gene Hackman's "Dajcie sznur!" line, with the dragged-over-the-hedge "u" is quite giggle-inducing. Especially that they could have had him say "Dajcie linę!" which is a bit easier on a tongue used to English sounds.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • An Allied officer bringing the entire plans for Market Garden to Holland with him, where they fall into German hands. Field Marshal Model then dismisses the plans on the grounds that they're obviously a ruse.
      • Note though that two previous Allied offensives on the western front — the Normandy and Sicily invasions — had disinformation campaigns the Germans fell for hook, line and sinker. The Sicily deception even specifically included the corpse of a (fake) British officer with the (fake) battle plans falling into German hands, tricking them into thinking the target was Sardinia rather than Sicily. Model would have been aware of this.
    • General Sosabowski points the holes in the operation plan, only to be ignored by the rest of the staff.
    • Maj. Fuller receives intelligence from the Dutch resistance that there is a panzer division in the area. He corroborates this with aerial photos. No one listens.
    • Field Marshal Model actually says this of the British. General Bittrich asks him if they should ready the bridges for destruction, but Model laughs this off. "They're not after the bridges! If they were, do you think they'd land eight kilometers away from them?"
    • Montgomery or Monty being "very proud and pleased'' with the result as he apparently believed Operation Market-Garden was "90% successful." Urquhart (Sean Connery) is appalled, offended, incredulous and anything else you can think of upon hearing this from Browning (Dirk Bogarde).