Fridge / World War Z


Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why is the pharmacist armed? Because he's trying to maintain order to get people the medicine they need, and he expects to encounter drug addicts after the prescription-strength painkillers. There are real-life pharmacies in the US with guns, in case of attempted robbery. As mentioned, they are tempting targets for those addicted to prescription drugs or methamphetamines (which are made using cough medicine).

Fridge Horror:

  • How does Tommy escape his zombiefied family? Given events later in the film, it's likely that the boy is terminal.
    • Unlikely, as you see him being chased by his zombie father. He wouldn't have been chased if wasn't healthy. Tommy probably escaped during the twelve second window of the transformation, and probably only got to Gerry by Plot Armor
  • Considering that it appears mostly deserted, is everyone in Wales dead, evacuated or just keeping really quiet?
  • Tommy escapes the zombie attack, as well as the zombification of his family. He shoots a zombie that is trying to attack Gerry. When Gerry, his family, and Tommy reach the roof of the apartment building, Tommy's zombified father attacks. Given the presence of Tommy's gun and the absence of his mother, it's very possible that he had to shoot his zombified mother to escape.
  • Most of the zombies that got sucked out of the plane when the grenade went off were fully animate all the way down. If even one of them landed in good enough condition to crawl, Gerry may just have spread the infection to some part of Wales that'd been zombie-free until then.


Fridge Brilliance

  • Why did colleges like the one in Claremont do so well in defending themselves against zombies? College students are notorious for discussing and creating "z-plans," not to mention colleges would have enough people with different skill-sets (engineering, medicine, and even agriculture) to properly handle all the necessary requirements of holding out against a horde of zombies. In addition, colleges are primarily made up of people in their late teens and early 20s — or, put another way, people in the physical prime of their lives, and thus able to fight better and longer than the old or very young.
  • Italy is mentioned having lost many southern areas to the zombies, yet it remained a major food and weapon producer (even supplying the French with the air rifles used in the Paris Catacombs). Northern Italy, where most of the production of both is concentrated, has a large plain that is connected to the south by a number of chokepoints in the Appennine mountains and a single narrow stretch of coastal plain. They put their Safe Zone just where food and guns were made.
  • The interview describes the Shell-Shocked Veteran Todd Wainio as looking much older than his actual years. In the audiobook, he's played by Mark Hamill, who is about 20 years older than Wainio would be.