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Fridge Brilliance
  • In the first game, Arngrim is not allowed to be transferred up to Valhalla, unlike most of your other Einherjar. Freya initially gives you the reason that it's because he's just not "hero" caliber, but over the course of the game you can get his Hero rating up pretty high, well above the level that most chapters request for Einherjar to be sent up. Initially, this was probably a gameplay cheat since he's needed for the best ending. Then comes the second game, where his preincarnation starts out opposing Odin's plans before being turned into an Einherjar. In the third, his Truthade profile says he was booted out of Valhalla and back into the cycle of reincarnation after mouthing off to Odin about the second game's events, which better explains why Freya said Arngrim wouldn't be welcome in Valhalla — she recognizes him and doesn't want to deal with him causing trouble again. - Mr Death
  • On first hearing it, Surt's last words in the B ending ("It can't be! *cough* Evil.. you mean to say evil prospers? I do not accept this.. I do NOT ACCEPT THIS!") could be taken as the villain being a deluded Knight Templar or Well-Intentioned Extremist — believing he's right, but still the villain. But then you get the A ending, and he has a similar reaction to Loki, refusing to work with him when he finds out about Bloodbane and Fenrir. Then play Silmeria, where Odin is most definitely a villain and turns out to be the cause of Ragnarok. Surt was right. Odin is evil, and in the B ending, Lenneth is unknowingly a Villain Protagonist. That's why it's so unsatisfying. - Mr Death
  • Listening to the soundtrack, the music for the final boss battle against Loki is titled "The True Nature Of All." What better title for a battle to destroy the god of lies? - Mr Death
  • Unlike the original legends, Odin isn't omnipotent, right? Well, how did he gain his powers in the myths? He sacrificed his eye. Notice that VP!Odin still has both eyes intact?
    • He also got wisdom for that eye in the myths. And this, two eyed version is a total Jerkass. Its hard not to see the connection.