Fridge: The Pebble and the Penguin

Fridge Horror:

  • Drake's intentions with Marina. He's not the first villain to attempt to force the heroine to marry him, but listen to the things he says. Watch them together. It's unsettlingly clear that he would have beaten and raped her without hesitation.
    • Really hammered in in the climax of the movie...Drake drags/carries Marina down the stairs of his lair before Hubie shows up to save her. Marina cries for him to let her go, and "You're hurting me!" Drake's response is a nasty laugh, a leer, and "Get used to it."
      • It does not help that he is sometimes compared to Gaston of all people.
    • Don't Make Me Laugh takes it a step further by having him physically threatening her at points and warning her that if she doesn't marry him, he'll feed her to the sharks...while holding her nearly over a cliff at the time!

Fridge Logic:

  • Just what is Drake's cape attached to anyway?
    • ...How do penguins get capes?
      • ...Or make clothes for that matter?
      • Some human explorers died and the penguins stole the clothes.
    • Forget the clothes! Why would a penguin have so much muscle? Is that some kind of weird experiment?
  • Okay, I'll forget about the clothes if you can tell me how Rocko flew. Can't answer it? Didn't think so.
    • He's actually a puffin, and just doesn't know it.