Trivia / The Pebble and the Penguin

  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $28 million. Box office, $3,983,912.
  • Creator Backlash: Don Bluth has disowned this movie, primarily for its terrible animation. He actually got wholly fed up with the production towards the end of it and he and Gary Goldman outright abandoned it for Fox as it continued to crash and burn. In the November 2001 issue of "Toon Talk", he had this to say about it;
    Penguin had story problems. We knew it. The crew knew it. (Once the crew came under ownership by Media Assets), the story and the film were now compromised. Hence, neither of us stayed to complete the motion picture."
  • Creator Killer: At least for Don Bluth's career as an independent filmmaker. The film's failure shut down his second home-grown studio in Ireland and convinced him to take up the offer at Fox's new animation unit in Arizona, where he's been residing ever since. His animation career as a whole wouldn't end until after Titan A.E..
  • Cut Song: Subverted with Marina's reprise of "Sometimes I Wonder"; Gary Goldman found while supervising the restoration for the 2007 DVD that it slowed down the pace, but he failed to convince MGM to let him remove it.
  • Executive Meddling: MGM/UA took over the distribution of the film late in its production, after Warner Bros. disowned Bluth's studio because of the failures of Thumbelina and A Troll in Central Park. Scenes were then cut, characters were removed, and voices had to be re-recorded. Bluth was so upset with the results that he opted to pull an Alan Smithee and have his name taken off the credits, and accepted an offer to work for Fox Animation, where he finally had a brief change of fortune.
    • Even after he left and took his name with him, the studio still advertised the movie as "From the director of The Land Before Time!" What a surprise. It didn't help matters that it is credited as "A Don Bluth Limited Production" in the main titles, so his name was still on it regardless.
  • Name's the Same: Not to be confused with that Rocko.
  • Vindicated by Cable: While this movie was overshadowed by A Goofy Movie and bankrupted Don Bluth Entertainment leaving Don Bluth no choice but to move to Fox, it quickly found its audience on cable.