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[[AC: FridgeBrilliance]]
* In the episode Creator/EdgarRiceBurroughs [[LiteraryAgentHypothesis appears]], he seems to be much more interested in Tarzan fighting various beasts than his softer side, which Jane points out. Thus, when he wrote his book, ''Literature/TarzanOfTheApes'', he put more emphasis on the violent elements, so it ended up much DarkerAndEdgier and especially BloodierAndGorier than Tarzan's "real" adventures. So in the universe of this cartoon, ''Literature/TarzanOfTheApes'' is VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory, but it went under serious {{Grimmification}} (rather than the cartoon being a [[{{Disneyfication}} Disneyfied]] version of the book).
** In the episode mentioned above, Burroughs says he "owes Philander an apology", for laughing at his idea of living dinosaurs. Thus, he gets portrayed in a much more positive light in the book.