Fridge / The Island

  • Fridge Horror: Jordan and Lincoln eventually escape their pursuers and live happily ever after... meanwhile Jordan's real-life double had a young daughter that is now an orphan. "Mommy, when are you coming home?"
    • Doesn't make it that much better, but it's reasonable to assume that a well-known, wealthy movie star would have had some way set up to take care of her daughter if something happened to her—a husband or boyfriend, if nothing else, since the kid had to come from somewhere. She had the clone as an insurance policy on herself, after all, so she's got some sense of foresight.
  • Fridge Squick: Yes, those three- and four-year-olds just had a gratuitous sex scene.
    • Fortunately for us all, a few plot points sprinkled through the movie do justify the claim that Emotional Maturity Is Physical Maturity here. Even if their happy (and sexless) childhoods, adolescences, and early adulthoods are all fake, those programmed and implanted years of experience can still serve as a foundation for their both being emotionally mature enough to bear the consequences and implications of what they were doing.
  • Fridge Brilliance: How did Jordan figure out how sex works on her own? Well, Tom Lincoln did mention he was quite the philanderer, and she was left alone in his house for probably an hour or two at least. Randy old Lincoln may have had some private pictures of himself with his girlfriends, and almost certainly had a computer and internet connection...
  • The clones were all raised in a sealed environment, right? So wouldn't they have rubbish immune systems, meaning that most of them will get seriously sick or die from colds or other 'harmless' diseases in the next few days?
    • Probably their keepers made sure to vaccinate all the clones against common illnesses, as some of them would be providing a source of bone marrow or lymphoid tissues to their "sponsors". The policy-holders wouldn't settle for donor tissues that would be vulnerable to such ailments.
    • We ARE talking about a project done by a medical megacorp, so that's covered by default. If the "products" needed to have a healthy mindset and a short life experience to guarantee the function of the extracted organs (as explained in the own movie), this concern falls within the range as well.
    • And now you realize what they were injecting in the tubes...