Fridge / Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross

Fridge Brilliance

  • Musica sings a song about her people eventually returning to their lost homeland. When Seifret hears Bowie whistling, he remembers the tune and recites the lyrics to Jeanne. The character (and the audience) assume that this means that Zor were originally from Glorie, and this is proven true a couple of episodes later when they find Zor ruins in the three mounds that the Zor were so interested in during "Half Moon". Musica actually sings this song, in full, in a later episode. However when you listen to this song on the soundtrack, you discover the song is called "Sol's Lullaby". The "lost homeland" is not Glorie, but Earth. This is later confirmed—in interviews and in the DVD liner notes—when we learn that the Zor are human.

Fridge Horror