Trivia / Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross

  • Cancellation: Was cut down to twenty-three episodes due to less than satisfactory ratings.
  • Franchise Killer: Sorta. Southern Cross was the third in the "Super Dimension" meta-series produced by Studio Nue, preceded by the much more successful Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Super Dimension Century Orguss. This chapter ended things prematurely. Unsurprisingly, it's the only "Super Dimension" project, and the only series from which Robotech was adapted, that's not yet been released on Blu-ray as of writing.
  • No Export for You: For quite a long time, like the other series that made up Robotech it was not released outside of Japan in its original form. It has managed a brief American appearance on DVD courtesy of the now-defunct ADV, and does at the time of writing (September 2016) appear to be on Amazon Video, but sadly not in the UK in either case.