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YMMV: Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross
  • Adaptation Displacement: Admit it, you wouldn't be on this page if not for Robotech.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: This series is virtually unknown in its home country of Japan, and the few who did watch apparently didn't enjoy it. Robotech gave it some exposure outside of there, abiet in an altered form, but the Japanese saw the Robotech version and enjoyed it more (yes, they actually got a dubbed Robotech).
  • Macekre: Again, the Robotech version
  • Unfortunate Implications: In the original Japanese series, Bowie was the son of General Rolf Emerson. However, Bowie has a much darker skin color than Rolf who looks somewhat Nordic. In Robotech, they made Bowie a nephew of Claudia Grant (who is Black) from the Macross saga and gave him her last name. In all fairness, Harmony Gold could hardly be accused of racism (simple disbelief that Rolf and Bowie could be father and son) when they allowed two interacial romances from the original Japanese anime to be retained. One between Roy and Claudia in Macross, and one between Bowie and Musica (who appears for all purposes as a White female) in Southern Cross. It may simply be one of their attempts to bridge the two eras.
    • Rolf Emerson and Bowie being father and son is not so inconceivable when one considers the great variation of racial phenotypes among mixed-race children. In Bowie's case, he obviously inherited his skin color mostly from his mother, while at the same time having Caucasian facial features. In fact, if it weren't for his skin color Bowie would look no different from Dana and the rest of his squad mates.

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