Fridge / Solatorobo

Fridge Brilliance

  • Any 'inaccuracies' in the soundbytes (pronunciation, tense, etc.) may be due to hardware constraints, but they can just as easily be explained as the result of the language evolving and shifting over time. Something that isn't legitimate French by our standards could be perfectly legitimate by the standards of the characters and the setting itself.
  • Quebec sent Red to the Hindenburg to get a financial record of what Bruno was up to - it technically wasn't "stolen" until Red snatched it!
  • At the end of the game, Red is told Dahak can do anything he wants as long as he wishes hard enough. Kind of a lame cop-out, right? Except the Dahak has been doing that from the beginning - it's just Red had assumed that "lifting things and throwing them" is all it could do, even as a child, and never grew out of it.

Fridge Horror

  • Elh seems relieved when she loses her immortality, because it means she'll age along with everyone else and won't end up in a Mayfly–December Romance with Red. However, Red is a Hybrid, and Baion, the original Hybrid who provided DNA for all the others, is well over 350 years old. Maybe she should've kept it after all!
    • Though it's never stated whether Baion's "children" inherited his immortality or not, so it's possible the horror isn't quite as bad as you might have thought.
    • Also, Baion appeared to be in some kind of stasis pod, so perhaps he'd age normally. Red has also been aging normally up to this point. Perhaps hybrids age like everyone else?
  • Everyone in the game (barring a few exceptions) is either a Caninu or a Felineko, which I'm assuming are still considered species of canid and felid, respectively. Chocolate is a substance that is highly poisonous to cats and dogs. So, it seems a little weird that Red's sister is so lax about being named after something that could wipe out everyone on the planet.
  • During the Shower of Awkward scene, Red was just about to take a shower when he saw that Elh was already in there. Which would mean that he was prepared to take a shower; as in, not wearing any clothes. So the scene wasn't just awkward because Elh was in the shower with only a towel, but because Red was completely naked.

Fridge Logic

  • The Black Cats Gang stole Barry's photos at about the same time Red and Chocolat met Elh. How come so many of his photos show the three of them together? There are other photos, like eating at the café in Spinon, Terria cheering for Red at the Duel Ship, or Elh playing with the orphans in Basset that all had to have been taken before you ever visited those places.
    • It might be possible that Barry is continuously taking pictures of the trio as the game progresses, and they just keep getting stolen. After all, the kitten didn't say which or how many photos they stole initially.
  • During his last few months as head of Kurvaz, Bruno orders his people to do things which amount to outright acts of terrorism, specifically a Kurvaz battleship attacking an orphanage and the Kurvaz flagship firebombing the holiest site of one of the region's major religions. Both of those were rather visible incidents which any witness with a brain can trace back to Kurvaz. So why are they still in operation six months later? You'd think that after stunts like that, nobody with any alternatives would do business with them.
    • Opéra's leadership specifically distanced itself from Bruno's, and it's likely she spoke out against his actions. Some Kurvaz in the second part even complain about the guild not being what it used to be. As for people not wanting to do business with them anymore, the unlockable page on Hunters' Guilds states an overreliance on them on part of the Shepherd Republic ever since the regular military was disbanded, so there aren't really any alternatives.
    • You don't really hear about any other Hunters in the game except for Red and Chocolat (and Elh), so there are almost definitely no alternatives.
  • Red isn't just a hybrid, but he may be a "half-hybrid" of some kind. This would be because Baion, Red's father, is apparently a "full" hybrid, as he doesn't revert to either a Caninu or a Felineko when he looses his power, and because Merveille, Red's mother, is a full Caninu. So then, Red is only partially a hybrid, which would explain why he spends most of the game as a Caninu and only transforms under certain conditions. So he's a... hybrid-hybrid?.. The same would follow for Nero and Blanck.