Fridge / Phantasy Star Universe

  • Fridge Brilliance: It's not easily apparent, but the battle with first form of Dulk Fakis is designed to mimic the first battle against Dark Force in the Tetralogy. The likeness is not just in Dulk Fakis' general shape, but in the way the party is constricted to a thin ramp leading up to its face, forcing players to behave like characters in a battle from the earlier RPGs.
  • Fridge Logic: Some of the story characters and partner machines use weapons that, if they were player characters, they would not be able to use due to type or gender restrictions. (For example, Lumia Waber shouldn't be able to use Rods as a Guntecher, but that's what she usually uses. Lou is sometimes seen wielding a Rifle or Laser Cannon despite the fact that she shouldn't be able to use them as a Hunter. Maya's crossbow shouldn't be available to her as a Force.)