[[AC: FridgeBrilliance]]

* The Peony beam katana is said to be very powerful, there's even a bit of recoil when Travis ignites it.
* The reason why Travis [[spoiler:didn't have his revelation until right after the second rank boss fight is because all of the other assassins he faced were either weird (Margaret), demented (Matt Helms) or non-talkative (Ryuji) enough to not think of them as anything more than obstacles on his way to get revenge (and even ''then'' Travis showed some amount of sympathy towards Ryuji and Margaret). It wasn't until someone semi-normal actually talked to Travis about how insane everything had become to make him realize how wrong the ranking fights are. Plus he was right next to getting his revenge so he'd be thinking more clearly by then.]]
** Besides which, all of his opponents up to that point, sympathetic or not, all seemed to still ''enjoy'' the fight; [[spoiler: Margaret was a GracefulLoser, sure, but she also spent the whole fight talking smack to Travis through her [[EarWorm song's]] lyics; Ryuji was a WorthyOpponent who seemed to enjoy the fight just as much as Travis, and even Captain Vladimir, who Travis arguably showed the most sympathy for after defeating until Alice, mistook Travis for an alien and forced Travis to kill him. Simply put, while Travis was starting to have his doubts before, meeting Alice, the only person in the competition who seems to truly hate being a part of it, made it all hit home.]]
* Also, why Travis wears all of his katanas on his belt, instead of leaving them under his bed like in the first game. As well as being more convenient to the player, [[spoiler:it's to prevent a situation like in the end of the first game, where he's caught unaware and unarmed.]]
* ''B''izarre ''J''elly gets expanded from three to five members. '''B'''izzare '''J'''elly 5. BJ 5. BJs. Blowjobs.
* It's kind of a medical myth that the "right" side of the brain is dedicated to creativity and irrationality, while the "left" side is dedicated to logic and analysis. Now let's look at the game's DualBoss ([[spoiler:New Destroyman, aka the two halves of the original Destroyman, each with the missing half replaced by cybernetics]]): the one with no prostethics on his ''right'' side fights you head-on with powerful melee attacks, while the one without prostethics on his ''left'' prefers to fly away from you and shoot you at a distance.
** Hilariously, their personalities are switched around: the "right side" guy is FauxAffablyEvil, the "left side" is a full {{Jerkass}} and doesn't try to hide it.
* Instead of a cool, suave, MagnificentBastard we get a little shit with no fighting ability outside his little toys for a BigBad. This is to avert DoNotDoThisCoolThing, because the theme of the game was how petty and stupid revenge is and the morale would be lost if they had made him charismatic in comparison to Travis or indeed, fullfilling to kill at all.
** And then the second and third forms come around.

[[AC: FridgeHorror]]
* One of the revenge missions shows construction work occurring on the beach... the same beach where [[spoiler: Holly Summers' remains were buried in the last game.]]