* While I thought Alison Lohman had a good performance in ''Film/MatchstickMen'', her role as a 14 year old was DawsonCasting... but since her character wasn't who she said she was, who's to say she wasn't at least a little older than she claimed to be too? Actually, since her character would then be pretending to be someone younger than herself who doesn't exist, in a strange way, it would sort of be ''in-universe'' Dawson casting! - Tropers/MikeK
* When Roy asks Dr. Klein for advice on how to deal with Angela, he tells him that the key to dealing with kids is just to "be as honest and open with them as possible". It sounds pretty innocuous, [[spoiler: until we learn that Angela and Dr. Klein are working together to con Roy out of all of his money. With this advice, Klein was subtly telling Roy not to withhold any secrets from Angela, since Frank's plan relied on Roy giving Angela access to his account]].