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Fridge: Lockout

Fridge Horror:

  • Has America in the future become so dystopian that you can be sentenced to trumped up charges with no trial, shipped off to super Guantanamo bay in space, and then turned into a corporate Guinea pig without anyone so much as lifting a finger?
    • Snow is "convicted" without a trial on the grounds he killed a federal agent. The implication being his superiors have the legal authority to do so. How many people have just disappeared to that station when they crossed the wrong people without any trials at all?
      • That the rest of the hostages were considered expendable - if they hadn't been shot by Hydell, they'd have been left to be raped and tortured by the prisoners before the prison was blown up.

Fridge Logic:

  • Why are the turrets controlled from MS One? Shouldn't there be a remote control override from elsewhere. Similarly why are its orbit controls not accessible the same way or for that matter automated?
    • For that matter, why does a prison need dozens of turrets that point outward?
      • To be fair, if it's a dumpster for terrorists, mobsters, and other high-value prisoners, they might be assuming their friends might try to bail them out.

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