Funny / Lockout

  • Snow's Establishing Character Moment when he continues to snark during a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown:
    Langral: What happened in that motel room?
    Snow: Ah... it was coupon night and I was trampolining your wife.
    [punch to the face]
    Langral: You're a real comedian, aren't you Snow?
    Snow: Why, I guess that's why they call it a punchline.
    [punch to the face]
    Langral: You don't like me, do you?
    Snow: Don't flatter yourself. I don't like anybody.
    Langral: With that attitude I can see why nobody likes you.
    Snow: Oh c'mon, people love me. Just ask your wife.
    [punch to the face]
  • Hydell proclaiming his innocence.
    Hydell: That's a case of mistaken identity.
    Emilie: Fifty-three counts?
    Hydell: I've a very familiar face.note 
  • After Henry Shaw explains to the president they should send in a single man, with a singular goal.
    Henry Shaw: We could send in one man. One man with one very specific order. To get Emilie Warnock out.
    President Warnock: Who?
    [Gilligan Cut]
    Snow: I'd rather castrate myself with blunt rocks.
  • Snow drops a huge hint he knows that Alex is unaware of Emilie's identity and then casually goes about chatting up an attractive station worker until Langral's curiosity makes him ask how he could tell.
  • "You don't have to do that. A simple thank you is enough."
  • The entire scene where Snow is tending to Emilie's injuries is one laugh-out-loud funny moment after another.
    • Snow explaining how he was sent by her father to rescue her.
      Snow: I didn't get to meet him personally. He kind of delegated your rescue. He had a big conference on the corn surplus.
      Emilie: You're kidding me.
      Snow: No, no. Apparently, we should all be eating more corn.
    • When she makes the mistake of asking if her father left a message:
      Emilie: Did he leave a message for me?
      Snow: Yes, you are adopted.
    • Snow drinking the disinfectant.
    • When Snow acts worried as if he heard someone:
      Snow: Shh!
      Emilie: [whispering] Did you hear something?
      Snow: No, I'm just enjoying the silence.
    • Snow giving her the shots.
      • The first one:
        Emilie: What is that!?
        Snow: That'll stop the bleeding... and hopefully the talking.
      • The second one:
        Snow: That'll freeze the nerves in this spot for 24 hours. You want some on your mouth?
        [holds up the syringe expectantly]
        Snow: No?
    • Then when he attempts to ditch her to go look for Mace.
      Emilie: This is the plan you agreed on with my father?
      Snow: He said it'll toughen you up. Apparently you need that.
    • There's also the follow-up scene where Emilie tries to figure out how to read the map on her own. She's walking back and forth and Snow is just standing there, looking bored.
  • Almost everything Snow and Hydell say could end up here.