Fridge / Kirby Mass Attack

  • Fridge Brilliance: Why do the Kirbys suddenly need air underwater? Due to being split up and weakened, they simply lost the power to breathe underwater, just like how they lost the power to copy opponents' abilities and fly.
    • That, and they're too small to wear his snorkel mask.
      • Except that not only is a snorkel's useless if its tube doesn't extend above the water's surface, but also the fact that Kirby could breathe underwater just fine without the mask he usually wears in the earlier games. He only seems to wear it to protect his eyes.
    • Unused sprites of King Dedede showed that he was at one point intended to be a playable character in the sub-game Strato Patrol EOS, but this idea was scrapped. This is most likely done because, by far, this game seems to contain the most references to Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, bringing back a few anime-exclusive songs and characters like Escargoon, the NME Salesguy, Kabuki Kirby, and even Max Flexer. The king's malicious personality from the anime may serve as a serious factor as to why his sprites were Dummied Out. Maybe they just want him to keep up appearances...
  • Fridge Horror: In this game, Kirby dies. A lot. And being split into ten Kirbys, he also gets to watch himself die repeatedly, sometimes in quite gruesome ways. Imagine watching yourself get crushed, incinerated, mangled by machinery, eaten by monsters...the list goes on, and it just keeps happening, again and again. This could be the darkest game in the entire series. This doubles as Tear Jerker when you're brought to the Game Over screen if your whole Kirby platoon gets wiped out by a boss.
  • Fridge Logic: Okay, so the Kirbys now suddenly need air to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Understandable enough. But how is it they don't have the same air-problem when they're in Space? It is a problem harder to solve, but still. Daroach even lampshades it in one of his general tips in Volcano Valley-
    Daroach: If there's no air in Space, how is it that YOU can breathe?
    • For the same reason Super Mario Galaxy's ability to travel in space unaided doesn't extend to underwater either?
    • King Dedede is antagonistic to Kirby in this game, but he has pictures of him all over his resort for some reason.